• 4thofjuly2015

Welcome to Copper Meadows!


Construction has begun on our Pool and Pavilion!

master plan

Attention Homeowners:

As a reminder, our covenants require that all grass clippings, shrubbery clippings, and tree clippings remain out of sight until trash pick up day. If you have large clippings, you will need to contact the City of Youngsville to arrange a pick-up, as the normal trash collection does not collect items that are not bagged. Please remind your lawn care professionals that grass clippings cannot be blown into the street. They must be collected and bagged or blown back into the yard. We must protect the integrity of our drainage to the overflow ponds. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Upcoming Events

This month Copper Meadows has 2 planned events!

CM Newsletters

Prior to the publication of our magazine “Copper Meadows Living,” the Home Owners Association published a quarterly newsletter that was distributed to all HOA members. Newsletter content included updates on the HOA and neighborhood developments. Click on the link to the left if you would like to view our past newsletters.

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