Q: How is the Homeowners Association governed?:

A: Your Homeowners Association is governed by a board of seven volunteers who are elected yearly to serve as board of directors.


Q: What do my Homeowners Association dues pay for?

A: Dues pay for common area lawn and pond maintenance, fountain utlitities, book keeping, and insurance and taxes for common areas. In addition, dues will pay for future development of common areas as determined by residents.


Q: What is the purpose of the Architectural Committee, and when should I submit an Architectural Request form?

A: The purpose of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is to preserve both the aesthetic and property value integrity of Copper Meadows Subdivision by ensuring that all residential homes sites and improvements to those home sites are in accordance with all subdivision covenants. The ACC shall have the right to disapprove any plans, specifications, or exterior improvements submitted by reason of any of the following:

1) Incompatibility of the proposed building with existing buildings location upon the lots in the vicinity;
2) Duplication or similarity in the nature, exterior color scheme, kind, shape, height, or materials used in the proposed building with that of an adjoining building;
3) Failure of such plans or specifications to comply with any of these restrictions;
4) Objections to the site plan, drainage plan, landscaping plan for the lot;
5) Failure of such plans to take into consideration the particular topography and natural environment of the lot; or
6) Any other matter which, in the sole judgment of the Architectural Control Committee, would cause the proposed building to be inharmonious with the general plan of the development or with the building located upon other lots in the vicinity or detract from the appearance of the subdivision.

The ACC currently consists of three (3) board members of the Copper Meadows Association. All ACC requests are reviewed by all three board members to reach a resolution within a timely manner.

ACC request forms should be submitted via email or postal mail. The ACC form may be accessed on the HOA tab of the Copper Meadows Subdivision website at Residents should submit an ACC request when they are planning for construction of a new home (i.e house plans to ensure conformance to covenants) and improvements to their home site to include, but not limited to the following:

– Fencing on or around property;
– Pools;
– Outdoor sheds, buildings, patio extensions, pool houses, etc.
– Changes to Exterior color schemes (to ensure colors are “harmonious”)

Beginning a project without prior ACC authorization subjects the resident to an immediate $200.00 fine.


Q: Are there any rules for fishing in the neighborhood ponds?

A: The ponds and lakes are for the enjoyment of the neighborhood residents and their guests.  Guests must be accompanied by a resident.  We advise fishing in the easily accessible areas and staying out of other residents’ back yards when fishing.   Please do not park your vehicle on the grass.  The ponds are stocked with many fish, including bass, bream, catfish, etc.  You may keep whatever fish you catch.  Please follow all state regulations.


Q: Can I reserve the neighborhood pavilion for a birthday party?

A:  Reservations are not required in order to have a birthday party at the pavilion.  Use of the pavilion is first come, first served. We have five picnic tables which should comfortably accommodate multiple parties at the same time.

Please note that the pool is a private amenity reserved strictly for residents and is not permitted to be used for parties of any kind.  Residents are limited to two adult and two child guests at a time due to occupancy standards set forth by the Department of Health.